74th Annual Northeastern Friends of the Pleistocene

The Northeastern section of the Friends of the Pleistocene will hold their 2011 field conference and reunion on June 3-5 in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. The trip will focus on:
1. Diversion of the preglacial drainage system.
2. Large, deep proglacial lakes with multiple outlets and levels during deglaciation.
3. Constraining ice-margin positions through glacial lake sluiceway locations.
4. Large-scale slope failures in varves deposited on steep mountain sides.
5. Marcellus black shale gas drilling activity in glaciated terrain, and groundwater and slope problems.

This will be a joint meeting with the Harrisburg Area Geologic Society / Association of Environmental &
Engineering Geologists

Please see the NE FOP website for details, registration materials, and lodging information: