Call for nominations for Guidebook Awards

The Guidebooks Committee of the Geoscience Information Society (GSIS) is accepting nominations for the Best Guidebook Award(s) and Outstanding Geologic Field Trip Guidebook Series award. Geologic field trip guidebooks from any region that were produced from 2015-2017 can be considered for the award, which is awarded in the Fall at the annual meeting of the Geoscience Information Society. Via these awards, the GSIS seeks to recognize the value of guidebooks and reward examples of excellence. In addition to being outstanding in content, the nominated titles will be evaluated according to the criteria outlined in the Guidelines for Authors, Editors, and Publishers of Geologic Field Trip Guidebooks published by GSIS. A list of previous winners can be found online. Nominations, consisting of the title and bibliographic information (author, publisher, etc.) of the work or series, should be sent to the chair(s) of the Guidebooks Committee. The committee will begin the selection process in July.

Awards may be given in the following categories:

  • Best Guidebook Award(s) – The purpose of these awards is to recognize examples of excellence in geologic field trip guidebooks, with awards in popular and professional categories.
  • Outstanding Geologic Field Trip Guidebook Series award – The purpose of this award is to to recognize organizations that have made continued contributions to the geologic field trip genre over time.

Linda Musser and Monica Pereira, co-chairs, GSIS Guidebooks Committee