Canadian Association of Palynologists Student Research Award

The Canadian Association of Palynologists Student Research Award was established in 2009 to recognize students’ contributions to palynological research. The award is open to any undergraduate or graduate student who is a member, in good standing, of CAP, regardless of their nationality or country of residence. The intent of the research award is to support student research with a strong palynological component. The award consists of a three-year membership in the Association and $200 CDN, to be put toward some aspect of the student’s research.

The application should consist of:

  1. a one-page statement outlining the nature of the research project, its scientific importance, the approximate timeline to completion of the project, and the aspect of the research the funds would be directed toward;
  2. a CV; and,
  3. a letter of support from the student’s supervisor. Applications should be submitted (in French or English) by email to the CAP President-Elect, Terri Lacourse (, by March 1st, 2011.