CFES/FCST announces venue decision for IGC2020 Bid

Canadian Bid for 36th International Geological Congress in 2020 – March 15, 2010

CFES/FCST, in conjunction with the National Research Council – Conference Service Organization NRC CSO, is pleased to announce that Vancouver has been selected as venue in Canada`s bid to host and convene the 36th International Geological Congress in 2020.

CFES/FCST has received the endorsement of Natural Resources Canada and many provincial governments. In addition, it has the support of the Geological Survey of Canada and of the Provincial and Territorial Geological Surveys to assist with preparing the IGC2020 Bid. CFES/FCST also partnered with NRC-CSO to prepare a request for proposal and evaluation process to select the Canadian city to host the IGC2020. A Bid Steering Committee was formed to co-ordinate the IGC2020 bid preparation and a Venue Evaluation Committee worked with NRC-CSO to review and evaluate submitted proposals from different cities.

Bill Stiebel, CFES/FCST President noted that although any of the competing venues could host a successful congress, there was unanimous agreement that the Vancouver proposal best met the criteria, and that it reflected the support and understanding of the requirements to formally announce the Canadian bid to the IUGS/IGC Council in April 2012.

Bill Mercer, Past-President of CFES/FCST and Chair of the IGC Bid Steering Committee is very pleased with the venue selection and said: “Now that we know the venue, we can start the bid preparations and work on raising sponsorship and financial support to complete a successful IGC2020 bid, which we must present at the 34th IGC in Brisbane, Australia in August 2012. We are especially happy with the support of the initial sponsors, Teck Resources Limited, ALS Group, and Hunter Dickinson Inc. Additional support will be sought from other areas of Earth science related industry. We are looking forward to working with the earth sciences and geo-engineering community, the City of Vancouver, NRC-CSO and industry, academia and government agencies to submit a winning Canadian bid to hold the International Geological Congress in Vancouver in 2020.”

Rick Antonson, President and CEO of Tourism Vancouver is delighted to have Vancouver selected as the City to host the IGC2020: “Vancouver is such a unique destination to hold a Congress of earth scientists and geo-engineers from around the world, ranging from the evidence of plate tectonics and a dynamic earth all around us, to the excellent mineral and energy developments within a few hours travel or flight from the city. In addition, BC is host to the internationally renowned Neptune Canada, the world`s first regional scale underwater observatory. We are excited to work with CFES/FCST to prepare a winning bid for IGC2020.”

The Congress will bring many opportunities and benefits:

  • It will enable the many regions of Canada to highlight their resource endowment to an international audience of specialists, including mineral and energy resources, thus opening the doors to potential inward investment.
  • It will allow Canadian scientists, including those in government agencies, industry and education, to learn from experts from other countries in a wide range of Earth science areas including mineral resources, environmental geoscience, fossil and renewable energy resources, ocean and atmospheric science, water resources and fundamental research in across the earth sciences.
  • It will provide opportunities for Canadian Earth science geo-engineering and geomatics companies to highlight their services to an international audience.
  • It will provide direct economic benefits from the up to 10,000 expected delegates from more than 100 countries.
  • It will be an opportunity to showcase Canada’s geodiversity through many field trips across the country, bringing travelers also to remote and northern regions.
  • It will be an opportunity to communicate the importance of earth science for Canada through associated public awareness activities.

For further information, please contact the IGC2020 committee at or Bill Mercer, Chair IGC2020 Bid Committee at or at 647-282-4069 or visit