University of Nottingham Fellowships

The University of Nottingham has announced two fellowship schemes for 2014. These provide three years salary, moderate research expenses and the potential for the award to be linked to an established academic post:

  1. Anne McLaren Fellowship (;
  2. Nottingham Research Fellowships (

Applicants are welcome from any field with current palaeoenvironmental research ( focused around three broad theme:

  1. high and low latitude reconstructions from lacustrine and marine sediment cores over Pliocene/Quaternary/Holocene timescales;
  2. human impacts and their intersection with climatic change;
  3. the calibration, validation and development of novel proxies for environmental reconstructions.

The closing date for expressions of interest is 28th October 2013 and potential applicants are encouraged to contact an academic member of staff to discuss their application in advance of this:

Prof. Sarah Metcalfe (
Dr. Matt Jones (
Dr. Suzanne Mcgowan (
Dr. George Swann (