Big Lakes – Big World

The International Association for Great Lakes Research invites you to participate in the 54th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, to be held May 30 – June 3, 2011, at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center in Duluth, Minnesota. The conference theme is “Big Lakes – Big World.”

I would particularly like to draw your attention to Session 29: “Paleoclimate Records of Large Lakes.”
“Advances in field methods and analytical techniques have led to a burgeoning of paleoclimate studies using archives preserved in lake sediments. This session invites contributions on timescales ranging from evaluation of disturbance by human activities to examination of orbital scale climate forcing. Talks focusing on development of novel methods are welcomed as well as those applying established methods in new field areas. Presenters are encouraged to discuss the relevance of their findings to ongoing natural and anthropogenic environmental change.”

The abstract deadline is January 21, 2011. Go to for further information.