Diatom Research

Subscriptions to the International Society for Diatom Research for 2011 are now due. This year, we can announce a major improvement in benefits for members. In 2011, as well as being published in hard copy, Diatom Research will be made available ONLINE to subscribers, following an agreement with Taylor & Francis to publish Diatom Research from January 2011. Archived issues, back to volume 1, will also be made available to ISDR members and electronic submission of manuscripts will be rolled out. All this and a new larger format for the journal! Renew your membership now and encourage colleagues and students to enroll too!

Membership fees are 40GBP for standard membership, 25GBP for students or 50GBP for a joint membership (two members share the journal). Members receive two hard copy issues per year of our journal Diatom Research, along with online access as outlined above.

Subs can be paid on-line at www.isdr.org or via a number of other means detailed in the attached invoice. Please direct any payment queries to the Treasurer Suzanne McGowan at Suzanne.mcgowan@nottingham.ac.uk